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Ponta do Marco

Walking trough the north ridge of the Caldeirão, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Azores can be admired. At the end of this natural trail, raise your eyes and observe one of the most important rocks among the cliffs of the island. Named by Ponta do Marco, this is its story:

Legend of the Equestrian Statue in Marco Island:

It is said that around the 15th century, explorers arrived to the northwest side of the island and that up on a rock they caught sight of a statue of a knight, pointing west to lands not yet discovered. Today, although the legend remains, the statue does not as it was broken during transport to Manuel I King´s court. It is from this legend and this knight that the island got its first name, Marco Island.

Today, Ponta do Marco is an essential place to visit for those who wish to experience Corvo and appreciate each moment of this journey. We recommend walking this trail when the atmospheric conditions are good, since in this ridge the wind is the king.