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Corvo Biological Reserve

This fenced area of 3.5 ha is free of predators (rats and cats) and invasive plants, making it suitable for breeding seabirds. To encourage them to nest here, hundreds of artificial nests were built for Cory's shearwater, Little shearwater, Manx shearwater and Madeiran Storm-petrel. Thousands of endemic plants were also planted to create a sanctuary for seabirds.

In 2016 it has been confirmed the first natural nesting of Cory's shearwater in the Reserve, but sadly the egg was unviable. This year (2017) the couple of Cory's shearwater laid a new egg. He hope that now everything gonna be all right. 

You can also walk for the Sanctuary of seabirds trough the Itinerary of the Project.

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Ilhas Santuário para as aves marinhas