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Nossa Senhora dos Milagres Church

Located in a slightly elevated position in relation to the street where it is on, the church opens into a courtyard. The deck of the courtyard is made of shingle (small stones taken from the seafront). Above the entrance is a stone, engraved with the date 1795 which was the when the church was first constructed.

Legend of Our Lady of Rosario and the pirates:

This legend originates in the 16th century, when the island suffered incessant attacks from pirates. According to the legend, one day the inhabitants of Corvo suffered a surprise attack. The image of Our Lady of Rosario, that had been found years before and then brought to the island by boat, protected them from enemy fire. Because of this ‘miracle’, the image was called ´Our Lady of Miracles’. Its replica can be seen in The Hermitage of Rock, and the original one is in the church.